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- Purchasing Property Within Our Live Online Property Auction -


What You Need to Know...

Purchasing property at our Live Online Property Auction is really very simple... once you know the rules of course!


How to Participate Within Our Live Online Property Auction...

The whole process is started with your completely free registration with us. Please Click Here or click the 'REGISTER' tab located at the top of this page in order to complete this process. Following registration as a property purchaser one of our representatives will telephone you same day in order to complete the registration process in full and activate your Auction account. You are now free to bid on all properties offered for sale within our Live Online Property Auction website. You will also be updated automatically via Email every time a new property is listed for sale within our Live Online Property Auction.

Following registration, if you are interested in purchasing any of the properties we offer for sale please contact us directly by using the link within the individual auction description page or via our Contact Us Page so we may make the necessary arrangements for viewing on your behalf, including more information about the property as well as sending you a copy of the Home Report.


Who Are The Property Sellers At 0131 Property Auction...

The people selling within our Live Online Property Auction are private owners of houses, flats, apartments, holiday homes, etc. Furthermore, various companies may be selling properties at auctions such as building contractors, property developers, investors and investment funds as well as foreign nationals and companies that own properties. Everyone has different reasons and priorities as to why they are selling their property within our Online Auction and they all have their own different individual circumstances under which they are selling.


Advantages of Purchasing Within Our Live Online Property Auction...



Our Live Online Property Auction enables property buyers to purchase property in a fast, efficient and affordable way! The successful buyer is the one that offers the highest price which has to be equal to, or higher than, the property sellers reserve price. The property reserve price is the minimum price that the seller is willing to accept to sell the property at Auction. From the moment the Online Property Auction ends the property is your's - providing you complete the Property Missives in full within the required 28 days from the date of signing our Online Auction Contract. Buying at Auction removes the possibility of a seller changing his/ her mind about the price. The buyer and seller have a set time-frame in which the property Missives must be completed giving everyone piece of mind.
Safeguards of Purchasing At Our Live Online Property Auction


Home Report...

The purchaser can rest assured that the seller warrants the property will be in the 'same condition' as described within the Home Report supplied prior to bidding. If the property is not 'as described' within the Home Report on the day of completion then the seller will be financially liable to bring the property back to the Home Report stated condition.


Statutory Repairs Notice...

The buyer can rest assured that the seller is liable for any outstanding Statutory Repairs Notices served and outstanding on the property up to the completion date of Missives.


Selection of Properties at Auction...

Properties offered at an auction include a wide range of properties from all over Edinburgh, Lothian's and Fife consisting of residential and commercial dwellings such as houses, flats, villas, apartments, building plots, already started building projects, investment projects, warehouses, office space and hotels, etc.


Auction Cost to Property Purchasers...

A successful buyer is the one that has offered the highest bid (which has to be equal to or higher than the sellers reserve price) by the Auction end time and had it fully accepted, or had their offer to purchase the property accepted by the seller prior to the auction end. The buyer is obliged to pay 0131 Auction a reservation fee of 2.5% over and above the purchase price (Contract price) as commission within 48 hours of the auction end. The purchasers reservation fee must be paid by way of inter-bank CHAPS payment direct to 0131 Auction's bank account.


Useful Advice For Purchasers...



  • Taken professional advice from a Solicitor, Surveyor and/ or Accountant
  • Read all the Auction terms and conditions (General and special ones)
  • Inspected the property/ lots that you are interested in purchasing
  • Check the relevant information and documentation about the property
  • Have finance available for the deposit and purchase price, legal and notary fees, as well as Auction commission and property purchase tax (If applicable)
  • Satisfied yourself as to the accuracy and completeness regarding the property you are interested in, as mentioned above


We wish you a very successful property purchase within our Live Online Property Auction.

- Edinburgh - Lothianís - Fife - Live Online Property Auction -


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